Supercharge your next product launch  🚀

You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears working tirelessly to build an awesome new product, we make sure the word gets out and your launch doesn’t fall flat.

Everything you need to make sure the word gets out about your launch:

📝  Product deep dive

📢  Site wide takeover

💫  On-site banners

💬  Direct messaging to in market buyers

👍  Social promotion

📬  Newsletter sponsor takeover

⚡️ Sponsored retargeting

Who is HotelTechLaunch good for? 

Enterprise rebrand

Your company has achieved scale, launched several products and now it’s time to tell the market who you really are.

New product lines

You started in the market with a niche product, achieved scale and now it’s time to share your latest innovation.

Vertical and geographic expansion

Your product is kicking ass in another vertical like retail and now you want to tackle hospitality.


Launching in a noisy market is difficult.  Make sure your startup is well known in the community from day 1.

Here’s What You Get When You Launch with HTR

🤿 Product Deep Dive

Let us tell your story to our audience View sample

📬 Dedicated 36k e-blast

Get the word out about your new product launch with a dedicated new product alert eblast to HTR’s audience of 36,000+ email newsletter subscribers

📣 Sitewide banners + category takeover

Boost your visibility throughout HTR with category sponsorship during your launch.

* Category takeover or double banner offered based on availability


🚨 New product alert ribbon

Promote your launch to 95,000+ hoteliers on Hotel Tech Report each month.

👋 Exit intent modal

Promote your launch to every user on Hotel Tech Report.

💬 Direct messaging

Reach in-market buyers looking for your solution with a direct message about your new product.

⚡️ Launch campaign extension sponsored retargeting

Give your launch boosted visibility and stay top of mind to extend your launch after your 30-day HTR takeover by reaching the largest and most targeted audience of hotel tech buyers on the web with 50k impressions of sponsored retargeting.

🗞 Newsletter Spotlight

Craft an organic pitch to the most targeted newsletter in hotel tech.

🔄 Social Promotion

Weekly posts across key social channels to maintain buzz cadence.

Make sure your product is the talk of the town

Full 30-day takeover across multiple touch points so EVERYONE hears your news


Because its just not the same when you tell people how great you are…

We craft the story of your product and the value it adds for hoteliers in an unbiased way to help tell your product in a clear, compelling and engaging way.

  • 100% Turnkey: We do the research, writing, design, production and story telling so you can focus on your launch
  • Educate & Upsell: Leverage our coverage to educate your existing customers on your latest release and encourage them to upgrade
  • Make Your Team Proud: Have you ever read a press release that was interesting? Didn’t think so.  Leverage the trusted, authentic and helpful voice of HTR to tell your message in a way that will resonate and that your team can be proud of.
  • Built in distribution: We don’t just produce your article, we get it infront of the largest audience of hotel tech buyers on the web.



Promote your new product launch to 150,000+ members of the hotel tech community

Make sure everyone in the hotel tech community knows about your latest product release by putting your message front and center for the largest audience of hotel tech buyer’s on the web.

  • Organic Buzz: When your new product is launched on HTR, you know the hotel tech world is going to be talking about it…
  • Message Visibility: Promote your new launch to 150k+ monthly users in the most targeted and trusted source of hotel tech content.
  • Partner Marketing: Your partners are some of your strongest allies and referrers, promoting on HTR makes sure they hear what’s new.




Boost your organic visibility site wide and own your category

Become the category sponsor for the month of your launch to increase your brand’s organic visibility across thousands of pages on HTR so you’re top of mind.

  • Home page placement
  • Navigation menu placement
  • Category banner
  • Blog post placement



Engage in-market buyers with a personalized message

Send a personalized message to in-market buyers when they’re browsing relevant categories and profiles.

  • Send a direct 1-to-1 personalized message to buyers on the hunt
  • Reach a hyper targeted audience of in-market buyers
  • Make your launch personal with direct messaging



Get a dedicated new product eblast to HTR’s newsletter list of 36k+ 

Takeover HTR’s monthly newsletter as the official sponsor and get a dedicated eblast to our newsletter of 36,000+ to get the word out about your launch.



Weekly posts to get the word out across social channels

We spread the word with weekly posts through our social channels to get the word out and scale your launch’s social visibility.



Retarget our hyper targeted audience of active buyers

Give your launch a visibility boost off of HotelTechReport too via thousands of hotelier impressions by retargeting HTR’s audience the month after your launch to keep top of mind. (optional add-on)

Ready to launch your product the right way?