Global Customer Support Certification

Find out which hotel tech companies have support you can count on

Look for the badge, find vendors who are committed to helping you succeed

When a system goes down and your hotel needs support, not only can it lead to glitches and guest complaints, but also lost revenue and irreparable damage to your hotel’s reputation.

Support is one of the most critical aspects of the vendor selection process and yet historically there has never been a way to know how good a company’s support actually is, until now.

Together with a coalition of top vendors committed to transparency, the Global Support Certification was born making it easier for hoteliers to safely adopt new technologies to grow their businesses by finding vendors that obsess over their customers.

Certified vendors have opened their systems to Hotel Tech Report and passed our rigorous certification criteria and verification processes.

Recently certified 


How it works

Using Hotel Tech Report’s proprietary framework, companies are assessed along four key dimensions: pre-emptive support, reactive support, coaching/success and client validation.



Using Hotel Tech Report’s proprietary framework and Customer Support Rubric™, we map out and detail the investment and infrastructure each vendor has implemented to help their customers be successful.


Transparency Check

In order to get certified and added to the leaderboard, vendors must embrace full transparency and enable Hotel Tech Report to verify their internal systems in place.


Having great systems in place is only half of the equation.  We also leverage Hotel Tech Report’s proprietary review data as a check and balance to validate to know how well support systems are actually working based on verified customers.

VENDOR certification

Based on the proprietary audit, transparency check and customer validation–vendors are then certified and added to the Global Support Leaderboard.

“Historically hoteliers have had no way to know what a new vendor’s support would be like until they signed the contract and it’s already too late.  

That’s like getting married without living with someone first–you just don’t have a complete picture of how critical aspects of the relationship will function.

The Global Support Certification not only allows hoteliers to have a way to de-risk their tech investments; but great vendors who invest in their customers’ success  finally have a way to stand out.  It’s a win-win for the industry.”

Special thanks to the Founding Members who made it possible

To create the Global Support Certification, Hotel Tech Report spent over 100 hours studying the teams, tools and processes of more than a dozen top vendors in the global hotel tech community from Paris to Prague, and Amsterdam to Oakland.

Special thanks to these bold innovators who embraced transparency, took the leap and opened their minds and systems to create a new industry standard to speed up the adoption of new technology and pace of innovation for the global hotel industry.

Want to get certified?

Earn the Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC) to highlight your team’s investment into tools and processes to help your clients succeed and show prospects they can count on you.