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There is a trust gap between buyers and sellers

Today’s buyers demand a complete picture of your product, not marketing fluff and sales spin. So they are turning to their peers for trusted insights — reviews are now the second most used resource by B2B buyers. And if your reviews aren’t in-depth, balanced and relevant, your prospects will keep looking until they find a product they can trust.

“We have shifted from a world where brands talk and people listen, to where customers talk and prospects listen."

Chandar Pattabhiram, Former Chief Marketing Officer @ Marketo

Pick the low hanging fruit from your company’s marketing tree

Reviews are more authentic than case studies, more trusted than references and more scalable than blog posts.  They help you tell your brand’s story in an authentic way to build trust with prospects and close deals faster.

Reach buyers early in the purchase journey

>2/3 of the buyer journey is complete before prospects reach out to your sales team (Forrester Research).  Today’s buyer wants a complete view of your product and has grown wary of marketing fluff and sales spin.  They are searching online and turning to their peers for trusted insights which is why online reviews are now the second most used resource by B2B buyers.

Word of mouth…at scale

Word of mouth marketing is the most persuasive growth lever a marketer can tap into.  Reviews digitize word-of-mouth marketing and enable your team to put the words of your customers at the fingertips of your prospects.

  • Get in front of your active buyers on a site they trust
  • Gain instant credibility with buyers who aren’t familiar with your solution
  • Scale authentic customer content that tells your story
  • Differentiate from the competition’s generic sales and marketing claims with verified customer proof
  • Accelerate sales and marketing with trusted social proof
  • Become a more customer centric organization

Get rewarded as your reputation grows

Whether you are a free or Premium Member, your rankings and visibility will ALWAYS be based on your reputation.  This means that any company big or small with a great product and excellent customer relationships can shine on Hotel Tech Report.  Leverage the authentic voice of your customers to build your brand, improve your visibility and enable your sales teams through your HTR profiles.


  • Ecosystem and rankings built on trust and transparency
  • Improve your reputation, grow your business
  • No pay-to-play
  • Rankings based on the only thing that truly matters, customers

Looking for more ways to build your brand and promote your products?

Get started in 3-easy steps

Create your profiles to unlock visibility

List your products in each of your core categories to make sure hoteliers find you when they’re searching the web and in the market for your solutions. 

Customize your profiles to tell your story

Claim your company’s profiles to gain admin access to fully customize your profile with on-brand content to educate buyers about your products.

Gather reviews to boost your rankings and attract more leads

Send your branded review link to clients or leverage the automated review manager in your vendor dashboard to easily collect reviews and boost your ranking.

Customer marketing for everyone

Empower your team with tools to collaborate, gather customer feedback and be more customer centric



Leverage customer reviews to improve your reputation and get found in more online searches.  Build an evergreen library of authentic content to fuel your marketing.


Use your reviews as customer proof to build trust with prospects. Use verified customer reviews to backup your sales claims and counter prospect challenges.


Gather invaluable product feedback to inform your roadmap and build stickier products.


Keep a pulse on your customers and reputation.  Give your team access to a suite of tools to make them more customer centric.

Customer Success

Become the office hero by leveraging your customer relationships to add value for sales and marketing teams by helping them gather reviews.

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