Build Your Brand and Attract New Clients

Unlock a suite of members only benefits to your build your brand and boost your visibility




Upgrade your profiles, build trust faster

Turn your profiles into your best piece of sales collatoral.  Remove ads and alternatives to keep prospects focused on your brand and products, cross promote your other products and curate your profiles with upgraded content including: featured brands, case studies, awards and more.

  • Upgraded premium profiles
  • Remove ads and competitors
  • Customizable branding
  • Premium content fields
  • Enhanced comparison pages

“We’re hyper conscious of where we spend budget so naturally we were skeptical of joining HTR at first but decided to upgrade to Premium to give it a try. Within our first month we closed a deal from an HTR lead that we’re already live with one property and in a POC trial to roll out to two more in the portfolio. This one deal alone in our first month of membership will yield a 2-3x ROI on our annual membership dues let alone any other leads we generate or all of the other benefits that are included with membership. Upgrading to Premium is a no brainer.”

David T.

CEO & Founder, Book Me Bob


Improve your reputation, boost visibility

Reviews are the single most critical component to your success on HTR.  Leverage the automated review manager to easily collect more reviews in less time to keep your profile content fresh, outrank the competition and attract more visibility.

  • Automated review manager
  • Respond to reviews
  • Review incentive cards
  • Boosted visibility


Stay top of mind, maximize discoverability

The average hotel tech buying cycle spans several months and often times years.  Premium membership unlocks new opportunities to stay top of mind year round so when they’re ready to buy, you’re ready to get found.

  • Press releases
  • Guest posting
  • Ebook syndication+downloads
  • Sponsored articles*
  • Exclusive members only discounts for any advertising or sponsored content you add to your plan


Kickstart your lead generation

Save time and money with members only perks & discounts.

  • Lead credit
  • Boosted visibility
  • Discounted leads (save 50%)
  • Unlimited content downloads


Unlock exclusive members only savings & perks

Save time and money with members only perks & discounts.

  • Discounted leads
  • Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC)
  • Save thousands of dollars with advertising and sponsored content members only pricing

Unlock a suite of members only benefits to build your brand and boost your visibility



Free product listings

Create profiles in new categories to cross promote your products and generate more visibility and leads.

Premium Ad Free Profiles

Remove ads and alternatives to keep prospects focused on your brand and products.  Cross promote your other products, add branding and upgraded content fields to turn your profiles into your teams best piece of sales collatoral.

Boosted Visibility

Priority placement throughout the site to drive you more visibility and leads.

Lead Credit

Membership includes lead credit to feed your funnel (and your sales team) with qualified and verified leads in your target segments.  Members also get 50% off all leads.

Gated eBooks

Upload ebooks, infographics and more to your profiles and HTR’s free resources library and capture downloads.


Save hundreds of dollars by getting free entry into the HotelTechAwards ($500/category) and compete for a chance to win the most coveted award in hotel technology.


Automated Review Collection

Unlock the Automated Review Manager in the vendor dashboard to put your review collection in autopilot and organically boost your visibility by collecting reviews at scale to rank higher for your core segments.


Respond to reviews

Respond to reviews on your profiles to improve your reputation, mitigate sales challenges and build rapport with prospects.

Review incentive cards

Review incentive subsidy to kick off your review collection and increase conversions.

Press Releases

Save hundreds of dollars a month by sharing your news, updates and product announcements for free via the dashboard straight to the HTR’s newswire.

Guest Posting

Contibute content and educate buyers through guest posting build your brand as an industry thought leader.

Discounted Advertising & Sponsored Content

Save thousands of dollars a year on promotional opportunities, sponsored content and advertising with Hotel Tech Report.

Enhanced comparison page

Upgraded presence in side-by-side product comparisons to feature premium profile content.

Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC)

Premium Members get Hotel Tech Report’s $2500 Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC) for free.

Onboarding & Strategy Sessions

Work directly with the HTR team to craft your strategy and messaging to resonate with buyers.



Sponsored Articles

Turnkey creation of high quality sponsored articles to supplement your PR and content marketing efforts.  HTR handles everything from ideation through editorial, graphic design and promotion.


Build your brand by advertising to the largest audience of hotel tech buyers on the web.

Buyers Guide eBook

Collaborate with Hotel Tech Report as the featured thought leader in your category to produce an annual buyer’s guide ebook.   

*Platinum only

“Closing just one deal pays for an entire year of membership”

Get an entire year of all inclusive membership for less than the cost of an (embarrasingly small) conference booth…

*All annual membership packages also include annual benefits including additional lead credit, free entry into the HotelTechAwards and review incentive cards

“Our Hotel Tech Report profiles are essentially a virtual conference booth that’s open 24/7 for buyers to discover our products. Premium membership is critical to make sure we maximize our presence and control how prospects engage with our brand.  We also leverage HTR profiles and review content in ALL of our sales outreach to build trust with prospects, counter sales challenges and close deals faster, its a no brainer.”

Noah D.

Director of Digital Marketing, Pegasus (acq. Cendyn)


Promote your brand

Host your branded content, syndicate your press releases and develop custom content with our team

Access 200k+ monthly buyers

The most targeted place for hotel tech buyers online.  Our users are only looking for one thing – hotel software.

Speed up your sales cycles

Leverage authentic reviews and third party content to build trust and persuade active prospects.

Boost profile visibility

  • Premium profile avg visits (11x)
  • Basic profile avg. visits

“Closing just one deal pays for an entire year of membership”


Ready to upgrade your presence on Hotel Tech Report?

  • Enhanced premium profiles
  • Automated review collection
  • Boosted visibility
  • Leads
  • HotelTechAwards
  • And more…