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Sponsor your category, boost your visibility

Hotel Tech Report offers one company in each category the opportunity to promote your brand across the site, boost your visibility and own your category.  While sponsorship does not impact rankings or HotelTechScores™, it enables companies to maximize visibility, stay top of mind throughout hoteliers’ research process and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to transparency.


Enhanced visibility and featured placements 

Featured home page placement

Sponsors receive premium homepage placement promoting your brand and driving traffic to your profile.

Get promoted in the navigation on every page

Boost your visibility and stay top of mind on every page through featured placement in the sitewide navigation menu.

Show up in more than just your category

Extend your reach and put your products in hoteliers’ consideration set with featured placement in not just your sub-category, but all sub-categories within your parent category.

Promote your content, team and product with a branded category banner

Mark your territory and brand your sub-category with a featured banner to promote your upcoming webinars, case studies, news or events.

Get featured on every article

Sponsors are promoted as featured products on hundreds of posts throughout the blog.


Profile enhancements and competitive differentiation

Get 20% off Annual Premium Membership

Category sponsors get 20% off annual premium membership giving you access to upgraded profiles, the premium review manager and unlimited free posting of content and jobs to promote your company. Learn more about Premium


Bonus Benefits for Sponsors

Get early access and exclusive discounts on sponsored content

Sponors get early access and discounted pricing to save hundreds of dollars on sponsored content opportunities including the Ultimate Tech Stack Report and the Management Company Tech Auditor.

Become the official Hotel Tech Report partner of your category

Sponsors have the ability to earn official partner status in their category.  Sponsors with more than 30 reviews and an average likelihood to recommend of 85% or higher are eligible.  Meet the criteria and leverage your status to enable your sales teams, supercharge your marketing collatoral and close more deals.

Ready to own your category and boost your visibility?

Category sponsorship is offered on a first come first serve basis