Empowering the Next Generation of Hoteliers to Embrace Their Greatest Asset, Technology


What is Hotel Tech Report?

Over the last decade there has been a fundamental shift from expensive monolithic tools to low cost specialized SaaS tools to the point where every role within a hotel organization relies on specialized tools to excel at their job.

This shift has unlocked a massive pool of non-traditional stakeholders who can influence buying decisions.  But these new stakeholders aren’t professional tech buyers, they’re operators.  They don’t have technical knowledge, they have limited time for research and they’re focused on operations.

We built Hotel Tech Report as a resource to educate, engage and advise hoteliers about how to leverage technology to unlock the potential in their businesses.


We deliver engaging, visual and relatable story telling to our audience of smart, curious and passionate hoteliers.  Hotel tech doesn’t have to be dry and technical – we make it fun and approachable for our community.


Hotel Tech Report is the go to resource of information for the next generation of hoteliers and we take that responsibility very seriously – we infuse light heartedness, fun and creativity into everything we do as a company.


At our core, Hotel Tech Report operates on transparency, creativity, analysis and global collaboration.  We love to promote humble and hard working technology companies that let their products and services speak for themselves.

What They’re Saying

Meet the Founders

Hotel Tech Report was launched in 2017 by twin brothers Adam and Jordan Hollander with the goal of creating a research tool that would help hoteliers understand the potential that technology has to transform their businesses.

Since, HTR has produced hundreds of articles and collected tens of thousands of product reviews to become the world’s leading online community and research platform that helps more than 200k+ monthly hoteliers discover the best digital products to run and grow their hotel businesses.

Our Values

1. Transparency first: without a foundation of trust, all communication falls on deaf ears

2. Always be helping: when companies shift their focus from overly promotional marketing and pushy sales tactics to building great products that add value for prospects they achieve outsized success

3. Buying should be easy: buzzwords and bs confuse buyers, so leave them at the door

4. Make hotel tech fun: B2B software doesn’t have to be dry and technical

5. Grow the market together: It’s always more profitable to grow the market than to steal share. Our vendor partners understand this and don’t take part in anti-competitive activities

6. Leverage the crowd: Content needs community to be truly transformative

7. No egos: In the words of Kendrick Lamar, “Be humble, sit down”

8. It’s all about people: The biggest mistake amongst tech companies is forgetting that their products are built by real people

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