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A few easy ways to get the word out to the largest audience of hotel tech buyers on the web

🀿 Sponsored article

Let us tell your story to our audience.Β  Our team of domain experts will analyze your content and produce an article promoting it (includes sponsored article promotion).

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Get the word out about your content with a dedicated eblast to HTR’s audience of 35,000+ email newsletter subscribers

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Boost your visibility throughout HTR with category sponsorship and use your sitewide and in-category banner to promote your content.

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Promote your content to 50,000+ hoteliers on Hotel Tech Report each month with a dedicated sitewide ribbon.

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Give your content boosted visibility and stay top of mind by reaching the largest and most targeted audience of hotel tech buyers on the web with sponsored retargeting.

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Craft an organic pitch to the most targeted newsletter in hotel tech.

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Weekly posts across key social channels to maintain buzz cadence.

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