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Premium Membership Renewal Offer

Renew before your membership expires and get free content credit, HotelTechAwards entries and more included with your Membership!

Eligibility criteria:

→ Must upgrade prior to membership expiration

→ Only available to existing members renewing 



Premium Wall of ❤️ 

Keep Your Premium Benefits and Get Tons of New Ones Too

Premium Ad Free Profiles

Remove ads and alternatives to keep prospects focused on your brand and products.  Cross promote your other products and curate your profiles with upgraded content including: featured brands, case studies, awards and more. View benefits


Automated Review Manager

Unlock the Automated Review Manager in the vendor dashboard to put your review collection in autopilot and organically boost your visibility. Check out recent updates


Respond to reviews

Respond to reviews on your profiles to improve your reputation, mitigate sales challenges and build rapport with prospects.

Unlimited Free Press Releases

Save hundreds of dollars a month by sharing your news, updates and product announcements for free via the dashboard straight to the HTR’s newswire.  Learn more



Content & lead credit

Get hundreds of dollars in content credits to supplement your PR efforts and get the word out about your products with regular coverage in Hotel Tech Report articles or opt for lead credits to fill your pipeline. Learn more

Hosted Reports & Lead Magnets

Boost the visibility of your reports and capture more downloads by hosting them to your HTR profiles and the resources library.  Learn more


Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC)

Premium Members on any annual plan get the $2500 Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC) for free.  Learn more

Discounted Leads

Get preferred lead pricing to grow the top of your marketing funnel with qualified leads at a fraction of the cost.  Learn more

Early access+Exclusive Discounts

Get priority access and save thousands of dollars a year on promotional opportunities, sponsored content and advertising with Hotel Tech Report.

Onboarding & Strategy Sessions

Work directly with the HTR team to craft your strategy and messaging to resonate with buyers.

Free Upgrades & Perks

Benefit from free upgrades and benefits added to Premium Membership for the duration of your subscription. View updates

Lead Booster

Boost visibility and lead volumes with priority placement when hoteliers request proposals in your category.  Learn more

100x the Reach at 1/10th the Price…

Optimize your presence year round at HTR’s virtual trade show that serves more than 500k+ hoteliers each year! by upgrade to Premium & unlock your ’24/7 virtual trade show booth’ to get discovered by buyers around the world 24/7/365.  


Promote your brand

Host your branded content, syndicate your press releases and develop custom content with our team

Access 100k+ monthly buyers

The most targeted place for hotel tech buyers online.  Our users are only looking for one thing – hotel software.

Speed up your sales cycles

Leverage authentic reviews and third party content to persuade active prospects

Boost profile visibility

  • Premium profile avg visits (11x)
  • Basic profile avg. visits

Premium Membership FAQs

What is Premium Membership?

Premium is a quarterly or annual membership subscription to access a suite of exclusive features and benefits to your build your brand, boost your visibility and grow your client base.

Go to Premium site

Where can I see a more detailed view of the benfits that come with my annual membership?

Partner site: https://partners.hoteltechreport.com/premium/

Media Kit: Request a copy via the live chat

How long is the renewal offer valid for?

The renewal offer is valid for companies who renew their membership prior to expiration of their existing membership.

Are there any restrictions to the renewal offer?

There are only 3 restrictions:

  1. You must renew your membership prior to current membership expiration to receive the renewal bonus offer
  2. Quarterly plans are eligible for the annual renewal bonus after the 4th and final quarterly payment.  To receive the annual renewal bonus as a quarterly member please write in via the live chat after your 4th quarterly payment has been made.  Annual members will receive the renewal bonus instantly upon renewal.
What happens if new benefits are added to Premium during my subscriptions?

Your pricing is locked in for the duration of your subscription and in most cases new features and benefits added to membership will automatically be added to your account at no additional charge.  If Premium plans are changed and pricing is adjusted you will maintain your current plan and benefits for the duration of your subscription and will also have the option to upgrade your plan to access new benefits not included with your plan.

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