Lead Generation

Build your reputation on Hotel Tech Report to capture leads directly on your profiles and identify in-market buyers researching products in your category.  And the best part…they magically appear right in your lead inbox 😲.


Get reviews → Improve your reputation → Generate more leads

Ever wish that…✅…you didn’t have to spend so much time and money on sales and marketing? ✅ …you knew which hoteliers in your email database were actually in-market buyers? ✅ …customers would just come to you?

Well…you’ve come to the right place.

Your team spends thousands of dollars on time consuming cold outreach, wide net digital marketing and expensive conferences–but what if your products and services could speak for themselves? What if buyers could discover you when they’re in-market? Now they can.

Build your reputation on Hotel Tech Report and start attracting more leads.  Its time to get rewarded for building a kick-ass product that your customers love.

How it works


List in your core product categories to gain visibility

List your products in each of your relevant categories to activate your presence and unlock the ability to capture leads.

Create new listings

Collect review to improve your reputation and rankings

Turn your satisfied customers into your best sales team as you move to the top of the rankings transforming your profiles into your best piece of sales collatoral.

Start collecting reviews

Attract direct and matched leads

And the best part…as you collect reviews and move up in the rankings you attract more profile visibility and leads. Collect reviews from your top segments and unlock new opportunities.

Learn how to attract more leads

Lead Generation FAQs

How do I know when we get new leads?

All members of your team who have access to the vendor dashboard will get notified when new leads come in.

Can I buy lead lists from you?

Nope, sorry.  The only way to get more leads on Hotel Tech Report is to improve your reputation and ranking by gathering client reviews.   Make sure you have reviews from clients in your core segments (eg. boutique hotels in Europe) to increase your chances of ranking highly and matching for similar leads.

Do we have to accept all leads?

We know that each business is unique and sometimes what’s a great lead for one company, isn’t for another.  That’s why lead generation is 100% opt-in and you get to see all of the leads’ information prior to accepting.

What happens if we get a lead but we decline?

Our mission is to help hoteliers discover and connect with the best fit for their properties and needs.  If you decline a lead introduction then we assume the lead is not a good fit for your company and we reach out to the hotelier to provide alternative recommendations based on the criteria they provided.

What information is available prior to accepting a lead?

Make informed decisions by accessing all lead qualifying attributes necessary prior to accepting each lead.

  • Lead type (direct or matched)
  • Category and price
  • Job title
  • Location
  • Size/# of rooms
  • Type of hotel/segment (ex. boutique, motel, etc)
  • Inquiry type (ex. price quote, demo, etc)
  • Verification methods (ex. work email, Linkedin, etc)
  • If its backed by the HTR Gaurantee
  • Accept lead to unlock: verified contact email, name, hotel and hotel website
  • View more
How should I plan and budget for leads?

Remember, leads are very different from closed deals the same way clicks are very different than conversions.

A good analogy to think about is cost-per-click (CPC) is to cost-per-action (CPA) as leads are to closed deals (aka. affiliate model).

The same way you wouldn’t run a test on Google to buy two clicks and if neither converted you would stop investing, leads similarly require patience, investment and an understanding that leads take nurturing and by no means will all convert.

Leads (Pay-per-lead): Low cost high volume with understanding of average qualified lead to close rate (~10%-20%)

Closed deals (Affiliate model): Affiliate models typically take a commission on sales for the life of the contract ranging from 10-15% which is much more expensive than leads.

If you are new to purchasing leads and want a crash course, head to our help center and check out our getting started guide:

Leads 101: Everything You Need to Know About Leads on Hotel Tech Report and Beyond

Your leads await…

There’s only one way to start getting more leads and unfortunately it isn’t by reading this landing page.  Schedule a company all hands, fire up HTR’s review collection best practices guide and let’s get your reviews flowing!