2020 HotelTechAwards Winners Announced

Discover the best hotel software products for your business based on data from thousands of verified expert reviews

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The HotelTechAwards recognize companies that have proven to add immense value for hoteliers by helping them compete in the digital age. Technology is the key to improving the guest experience, creating a better staff culture on property and ultimately growing profits.  Winners of the HotelTechAwards are determined based on verified client feedback and highlight best of breed companies across key categories of the hotel tech stack.

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Top Revenue Management

The top rated tools to help your hotel optimize yield strategy, grow revenue and stay ahead of the compset.

Top Operations Products

The top rated tools to help your team save time, improve efficiencies and collaborate better. 

Top Marketing Products

The top rated tools to help you build your hotel’s brand, improve your online reputation and attract new and repeat customers.

Top Guest Experience Products

The top rated tools to help you deliver a more seamless and frictionless experience to your guests.

🏆 Top Rated Revenue Management Products of 2020



🎚 Channel Manager


📊 Business Intelligence Tool

💼 M&E Intelligence Product

🛒 Rate Shopping Tool

🏆 Top Rated Hotel Operations Products of 2020


🏨 Property Management System

📱 Staff Collaboration Tool

🗓 Labor Management Software

🧹Housekeeping Software

🛠 Preventative Maintenance Tool

😄 Employee Engagement Software

🖥 All-in-1 HMS

💵 Accounting & Finance Software

🛎 Concierge Software

📝 Guest Surveys Software

🕵️‍♀️ Fraud Prevention Tool

🏆 Top Rated Marketing Products of 2020


💌 Email Marketing & CRM

🖥 Booking Engine

🎁 Upselling Software

⭐️ Reputation Management Software

🔈 Digital Marketing Agency

💸 Direct Booking Tool

💬 Hotel Website Live Chat

👨‍💻 Hotel Website Builder

🔍 Metasearch Tool

🏆 Top Rated Guest Experience Products of 2020


📱Guest Room Tablets

🔑 Mobile Key Solution

⌚️ Guest Mobile App

💬 Guest Messaging Software

📺 Guest Room Entertainment Product


2020 HotelTechAwards Celebration in London

February 14th, 2020 @ The Firmdale Hamyard Hotel

View event details

2020 HotelTechAward™ Finalists


🏨 Property Management System: Clock Software (Finalist)

📱 Staff Collaboration Tool: HelloShift Staff (Finalist), ALICE Staff (Finalist)

🧹Housekeeping Software: Quore (Finalist), ALICE (Finalist)

🛠 Preventative Maintenance Tool: Quore (Finalist), ALICE (Finalist)

🖥 All-in-1 HMS: Cloudbeds (Finalist)

💵 Accounting & Finance Software: M3 (Finalist)

📝 Guest Surveys: TrustYou (Finalist), Revinate (Finalist)


📈 RMS: Atomize (Finalist)

🎚 Channel Manager: Cloudbeds (Finalist), D-EDGE (Finalist)

📊 Business Intelligence Tools: Duetto Scoreboard (Finalist)

💼 M&E Intelligence Product: Blockbuster by Duetto, IDeaS (SmartSpace) 


💌 Email Marketing & CRM: Experience Hotel (Finalist), For-Sight CRM by Forth (Finalist) 

🖥 Booking Engine: Net Affinity (Finalist), Pegasus (Finalist)

⭐️ Reputation Management Software: Revinate (Finalist), TrustYou (Finalist)

🔈 Digital Marketing Agency: Screen Pilot (Finalist), Net Affinity (Finalist)

💸 Direct Booking Tool: LaaSie.ai (Finalist)

🔍 Metasearch Tool: Koddi (Finalist) 

💬 Website Live Chat: HelloShift (Finalist)


📱Guest Room Tablets: Crave (Finalist), Volo (Finalist)

⌚️ Guest Mobile App: INTELITY (Finalist)

💬 Guest Messaging Software: Bookboost (Finalist)

Ranking Factors & Scoring Methodology

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