The hotel tech community donated $393,227 during the H4P campaign! Learn more

Hospitality for Peace Ukrainian Relief Campaign

The global hotel tech community has rallied together to support Ukrainian relief efforts and corporate partners have committed to match your donations to amplify their impact.  #HospitalityForPeace

  • Progress to CAMPAIGN GOAL ($393,227/$350,000) 100% 100%

UPDATE: The 30-day Hospitality for Peace campaign generated $393,227 in donations to support Ukrainian relief! Learn more

Donate directly to a certified cause and get your donation matched by our partners

Make a donation directly to one of the certified causes on the right and upload your donation confirmation via the form to get it matched by corporate partners.

How it works:

  1. Donate to a certified cause of your choosing
  2. Upload your donation receipt
  3. Get your donation matched by corporate partners

About the Causes

🍔 Food & Hunger
  1. World Central Kitchen (suggested by Mews, Tripadvisor, OpenTable): Over 500,000 Ukrainians have already fled the country since the attack began. World Central Kitchen is helping to provide hot, nourishing meals for these refugees, as well as helping to provide food within Ukraine. We can help them, too  DONATE NOW
  2. Whole Food Programme (suggested by Intercontinental Hotels, Uber): The world’s largest humanitarian organization that saves lives in emergencies and uses food assistance to build a pathway to peace, stability and prosperity for people recovering from conflict, disasters and the impact of climate change. DONATE NOW

💊 Medical Supplies & Care
  1. International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (suggested by Mews, Intercontinental Hotels, Airbnb, Uber): The International Committee of the Red Cross provide urgent food, water, aid, and shelter to those in desperate need. Their help in Ukraine over the coming weeks will be invaluable. We’re supporting the British Red Cross campaign, whose donations will go directly to helping Ukraine DONATE NOW
  2. International Medical Corps (suggested by Airbnb): IMC provides emergency medical and related services to those affected by disasters worldwide, and provides people with the training they need to move from relief to self-reliance. DONATE NOW
🏠 Refugee Shelter & Relief
  1. International Rescue Committee (suggested by Intercontinental Hotels, Airbnb, Uber, CitizenM Hotels): The IRC is on the ground in Poland supporting displaced children, families and refugees with vital supplies such as food, medical care and emergency support services  DONATE NOW
  2. HIAS (suggested by Airbnb):
    HIAS is a global Jewish nonprofit organization that provides protection and assistance to refugees, asylum seekers, and other forcibly displaced populations around the world. DONATE NOW
  3. Community Organized Relief Effort (suggested by Airbnb):
    CORE leads disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts for communities affected by or vulnerable to crisis. DONATE NOW
  4. (suggested by Airbnb): Help house 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine.  Offer stays for free or at a discount through, or donate to help our funding stretch further. DONATE NOW
🐾 Animal Rescue
  1. ifaw Ukraine Animal rescues, rehabilitates, and releases animals, and restores and protects their natural habitats. IFAW has received a tremendous global response to the emergency aid we’re providing to our local animal shelter partners in Ukraine. DONATE NOW
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Want to get a cause added to the list? Write to us via the live chat on site

How it Works

1. Companies Pledge to Match

HTR as well as its community of hotel tech companies pledge to match donations up to a certain amount.



2. Community Donates

Companies and community members spread the word and donate to any of the certified causes and upload their donation confirmation via the form above.


3. Donations Get Amplified

Donations get amplified by HTR and company match partners to make each dollar raised get multiplied to make an even bigger impact.


Over $300,000 Already Committed by Corporate Partners…And We’re Just Getting Started.


Matching $100,000

Matching 100,000

Matching $25,000

Matching $30,000

Matching $25,000

Matching $25,000

Matching 14,000




Freedom and peace are the fundamental enablers of travel

The humanitarian issue in Ukraine is untenable and it’s obvious why we all need to step up and support those in need. It’s especially important for hospitality and travel tech to support this cause for several reasons. Global peace is central to travel demand and a larger scale European conflict could potentially damage the travel industry even more than COVID did. Additionally, Ukraine is an innovation hub with hundreds of hotel and hotel tech companies employing engineers in the country. Each day that Ukranian engineers are holding rifles instead of writing code – innovation slows.

Ways for You to Help Us Reach the $350,000 Goal

For Individuals


Donate to a cause of your choice and send the receipt to to get it matched by our coprorate partners. 

Spread the Word

Share this landing page on social media and with your family, friends and co-workers to encourage them to give to a cause of their choice in an amount of their choice. Use #hospitalityforpeace for your post to be tracked

For Companies

Become a Founding Match Partner

Sign your company up to join the pledge to match an amount of your choosing starting at $25,000

Become a Corporate Donor

Donate at least $5,000 to a cause of your choice and submit the reciept to Hotel Tech Report to count towards the match campaign.

Become a Supporter

Don’t have budget to donate or join as a founding match partner but still want to help? Download our email template to send to your employees, users and partners


What if I already gave to one of these causes?

Don’t worry, we’re not going to penalize you for giving quickly! Just send your donation confirmation to and it will be counted towards the campaign and matched.

How much is Hotel Tech Report donating?

HTR is donating $25,000 and will match up to an additional $75,000

Where is the money being donated?

Campaign Donations

Donors select the cause/charity that they want to donate to and make their donation directly to their cause of choice.

That way the money goes straight where its needed and all you have to do is forward your donation confirmation email to to get it matched.

Match Donations

At the end of the campaign, the match donation will be donated to one or multiple of the certified causes depending on the size of the donation (eg. if we raise $1k then the additional $1k match donation would likely just go to one cause vs. if we raise $100k then we would likely donate to multiple).

Are donations tax deductible?

Absolutely.  Your donation is made to an approved non-profit that will provide a donation receipt that you can use to receive tax benefits.  Each cause is different so for more specific tax information check your chosen causes’ website for more detail.

How does this crisis impact our industry?

Here are just a few of the many ways this conflict will directly impact our industry:

  • Global Unity. Travel helps us forge bonds with other cultures and unite as a human race — violence, oppression and tyranny threaten our industry’s very existence
  • Core Values. Europe champions the values that our industry wants to see in a modern global society: interconnectivity between nations, sustainability, human rights, diversity & inclusion.  Further expansion and violence threatens to undermine our core values

  • Love of Travel.  Europe sits at the heart of the global travel/tourism industry.  Unrest in the Ukraine could easily bleed into a broader EU and global conflict which would massively disrupt the global travel industry
  • Innovation.  Many of the leading technology firms globally that provide the tools and infrastructure which the travel industry run on have developers in Ukraine that are now having to fight or flee
Why participate in this campaign?

Many companies want to do something but they don’t feel like they alone can make a significant impact.  This campaign is designed to:

  1. Make it easy and turnkey for individuals and companies to make an impact
  2. Provide a way to contribute and make an outsized impact through donor amplification
  3. Rally our community as a global family to contribute and make sure we’ve done our part to stand up for what is right and put an end to this before it escalates further

We can make a larger impact by working together as a community:

  • Make it easy for companies who want to help but don’t know how
  • Reach a larger collective audience together to generate more noise and awareness
  • Achieve corporate matching milestones faster by aggregating donations
  • Amplify the impact of every dollar donated through matching multiplier
  • Give individuals who want to help more incentive to know their donation will make more of an impact
Which causes are eligible for matching?

Scroll up to the ‘About the Causes’ section at the top of the page to view a full list of eligible causes as well as descriptions and direct donation links to each.

How does company donation matching work?

Since the campaign is one collective campaign, milestones are reached quicker together making it easier to raise more money and amplify donations.

The way matching works is that as soon as the campaign reaches the milestone your company has selected to donate at, you will be eligible for the full donation.


Let’s say your company pledges to match up to $10,000.  Once the campaign reaches the $10,000 milestone, your company will then submit your matching donation directly to the charity of your choice.

Is this related to Mews' 100k pledge?

Yes.  We have partnered with Mews’ 100k pledge campaign to amplify the impact of all donations made to the Hospitality for Peace campaign.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Donations are made to the Hospitality for Peace campaign organized by HTR (this landing page)
  2. HTR matches donations made to the campaign
  3. The match amount is submitted to Mews’ campaign to help them reach their total goal
  4. Mews matches up to 100k meaning that every dollar donated to this campaign effectively gets matched twice increasing the amount of aid we are able to provide to Ukraine