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A few reasons to get certified:

Stand out from the competition

Get certified to activate the verified support badge on your Hotel Tech Report profiles, category pages and search results to stand out from the competition.


Earn the credit you deserve

Your team spends so much time, effort and money making sure your customers are happy.  We make sure your efforts get noticed and you get the credit you deserve.

Build rapport, close deals

Arm your team with badges, social proof, marketing materials and sales enablement content to help you build rapport with prospects and close deals faster.

What they’re


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Customer Support Certification FAQs

What is the certification process like?

Step 1: Complete the certification application below

Step 2: Submit pre-interview documentation (GCSC Rubric) for analysis by Hotel Tech Report

Step 3: Schedule your live certification interview to verify your systems and processes with one of our analysts.

Step 4: Once fully certified, your badge will be activated on your profiles immediately.  You will then receive additional badges, sales enablement materials and marketing collatoral within 2-weeks.

How long does it take to get certified?

Completing the full certification process takes 30-days from the time your application is submitted.

  • Application review (7-days)
  • GCSC Rubric completion (7-days)
  • Certification interview (1-hour)
  • Preparation of certificate reciept sales enablement materials, marketing collatoral, badges and graphics (2-weeks)
  • Certification Onboarding Call (20-minutes)
What are the benefits of certification?

Customer support is one of the most critical aspects of the vendor selection process and yet historically there has never been a way to know how good a company’s support actually is, until now. 

Together with a coalition of top vendors committed to transparency, the Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC) was born making it easier for hoteliers to safely adopt new technologies to grow their businesses by finding vendors that obsess over their customers.

Certified vendors have opened their systems to Hotel Tech Report and passed our rigorous certification criteria and verification processes.

Benefits include: 

  • Sales Enablement: Receive badges and your proprietary rubric for your sales team to leverage in the sales process to establish trust, build rapport and close deals faster.
  • Marketing Collatoral: Leverage your badge on your website and marketing materials to secure your marketing funnel and prevent leakage.  
  • Social Proof: Every vendor says they have great customer support, but certified vendors can actually prove it.  Leverage your certification to win more head-to-head deals over the competition.
  • Stand Out from the Competition: Certified vendors get the badge activated on their Hotel Tech Report profiles, search results and category pages to help you stand out from the competition and attract more leads.
  • Maxmize Your Investment: Customer focused companies spend so much time, money and energy on making sure your customers succeed, but all of this effort and investment typically goes unrecognized.  Showcase your investment in support tools and processes to help your customers succeed and leverage it to close more deals.
  • Educate & Motivate Your Team: Leverage Hotel Tech Report’s proprietary GCSC Rubric to plan your customer support organization roadmap.
How much does it cost?

Hotel Tech Report charges a one-time registration fee of $2,500.  This enables our team to complete the certification process for your business which includes reviewing your application and conducting a live verification interview.  This fee is discounted for Premium Members (100% free on annual plans).

There is also an annual renewal fee of $500 for our team to conduct an annual renewal interview and update your certification status.  This fee is also discounted for Premium Members.

Are there any discounts offered?

Premium Members are eligible for exclusive discounts.

  • Premium Members on any annual plan (startup/growth/annual) receive the certification and annual renewal free of charge ($2500 savings in year 1 plus $500/year savings in all consecutive years for the duration of their membership)
  • Premium Members on any quarterly plan (startup/growth/annual) receive the certification and annual renewal at 50% off ($1250 savings in year 1 plus $250/year savings in all consecutive years for the duration of their membership).